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Buying Advice

Heelys are shoes with a removable wheel in the sole underneath the heel of the foot. The rider is able to roll along the ground balancing on the two back wheels, making them look as if the rider is gliding across the ground!

Multiple use – The great thing about Heelys design is that you can remove the wheel whenever you like, turning them into normal shoes really helps by not carrying a spare pair of shoes around making the versatile.

Over the years, Heelys have developed a few ranges, the two main type of popular Heelys are:

One Wheeled and Two Wheeled

One Wheeled – This type of Heelys come with a single wheel on each shoe, one wheeled Heelys are better for riders who are just starting out, or who already have a fairly good balance. The two main advantages of One Wheeled Heelys, one being they are slightly faster than Two Wheeled Heelys and it is easier to change direction.

Two Wheeled – These Heelys comes with two wheels on both shoes, having Two Wheels definitely makes it easier to balance and is highly recommended for beginners, especially young children. The main advantage for Two Wheeled Heelys is when you feel ready and comfortable you can take one wheel off each shoe, converting them in too One Wheeled Heelys!

Equipment Check & Safety Tips

Read through this equipment check list every time before you start rolling with your Heelys. Thoroughly read and understand the manufacturers warning on all protective gear before using. Be aware of single use protective gear and helmets.

Make sure all your protective safety equipment is not cracked, broken, or damaged in way. If you have any single use gear (particularly a helmet) that gets damaged impact,  make sure you replace it immediately.

Only use a helmet that fits you properly and keep it fastened. Never wear the strap too loose around your chin in order to prevent it from shifting or falling off.

Heelys Check & Safety Tips

Make sure the wheels are not obstructed. This could include rocks, paper or any other objects that could be lodged in the wheel base.

Check your laces to make sure they are not worn our nor have tears. Always keep your laces tied while skating for a smooth ride.

Make sure the wheels are not worn down, have dents or cracks If you notice any of these problems or any other damages, be sure to replace the wheels before you skate. Get in touch with us and we will be able to help you!

Once you have all your protective gear and Heelys on, practice breaking to make sure you can stop at any time necessary. If you need to stop or slow down quickly, practice transitioning from skating to walking or stopping by simply putting your toes down.

After you've followed all these guidelines you're ready to go out and skate! Just remember these safety tips and don't forget to go through the whole checklist every time before you put on your Heelys. Always be courteous and skate safely!